Taint The Innocence - Tuesday Teaser

“Carter, you’ve been drinking and God only knows what else. Let me go.”
He opened his mouth and ran his teeth down her cheek and along her jawline.
“When I was gone, when you thought I was dead—” Carter panted. “And you met Adam, did you think of me when you fucked him?”
Anne squeezed her eyes shut. “Stop it, Carter.” “I want to know, Anneliese.”
Anne opened her eyes and looked at the monster in front of her. The whites of his eyes were red and his pupils were fully dilated. She could barely see his brilliant sapphire eyes, and his olive skin was taut over his cheekbones. The drugs were taking their toll on him. Or maybe it was pure madness, like my mother.
“What do you want me to say, Carter? Yes. Does it matter now? Look at the cruelty you have displayed! Why would I ever love someone like you ever again? You hate me for something that you did. You left. You left me alone. What was I supposed to do? Pine for your ghost for the rest of my life?” Anne could no longer look at him. She turned her head away, praying he would just let her go and sleep off whatever he was on.
Carter unwound his arms from her and pushed her back. Anne stumbled over her own feet. Her lungs were tight and she could barely take in a full breath. He ran his hands through his thick waves and walked over to the metal cabinet where he kicked the door. Metal bounced off of metal. Anne covered her ears.
“What were you looking for? The drugs? While you weep in the corner of your bedroom like a child, I’m plot- ting my next move. Give up, Anneliese. Whatever plan you and Adam have concocted, it won’t work. The problem with you is that you trust too many people.” Carter turned and pointed his finger in her direction. “You think you have everyone positioned on their appropriate sides but you’re wrong. The innocent can be tainted just as easily. You’re the poster child for that.”
“Why keep me around? What value do I add to your life?” Anne was exasperated.
Carter tipped his head back and laughed.
“I love you, my Anneliese, and I’ve stated before, if you won’t be with me, you won’t be with anybody, especially Adam Whitney. You will never leave me, Anneliese. I hold all the cards.” Carter stepped closer to her. “Someone tipped the police off about a possible prescription drug ring here in Savannah. I believe some junkie they questioned had a torn prescription in his possession. Luckily, the doctor’s name was removed or they would have seen it was you, Dr. Anneliese Montgomery.”

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