Inside My Head one knows I'm writing this.

My story will be told next week. My secrets revealed. My demons out there for all to see. 

First there was Carter, my reckless sexy Carter with eyes that could hypnotize the most cynical of people. Our relationship was filled with passion but something was amiss and I couldn't put my finger on it. Until later.

After Carter vanished, Adam swept in with his gentleman demeanor and gorgeous dimples. Having a man pine for me as he did made me feel special. Made me feel desired. What woman wouldn't want that? Adam Whitney saved me. I shared with him my secrets. Well, except for one.

I look at these two men through a different pair of eyes: Anne and Anneliese.

Trust was my downfall but revenge will be my path to salvation.

I know once you start to read my story you will have questions. And I look forward to answering each and every one of them. 

I must go before I'm found out.

Dr. Anneliese Jamison Montgomery   


  1. Yvonne Cline SImpkins, I thank you very much for the giveaway.