Ask Away Part 1

So many magnificent questions, I am breaking this down into three parts. 
I'm an open book, always have been so if you have any for me please don't hesitate to ask.

Here we go...

Stephanie asks: I want to know when/how you decided to take writing from a passion to a profession. When/how did you decide to go from writing privately to "Hey, I'm writing a book!"

Right before my 30th birthday I decided to seriously sit down and type my first book. Before that my publications were local and I did a few readings at coffee shops. March 2009 I started Deadly Deception, finishing May 5th, four days before my birthday. The accomplishment alone was satisfying. Unfortunately, Anne’s story sat collecting dust in my computer until August of 2012. I decided at that point I would self-publish it. My editor worked her magic and by the end of November Deadly Deception debuted on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Kristen asks: What is the one thing that has always inspired you and help push you threw the hard times?

It would be a cliché to respond ‘faith’ but to be honest that’s it. When I look back at what my family has gone through faith has been my beacon. If I didn’t have someone or something to believe in I would be lost. So much of what I’ve experienced I say, “That’s a God thing”.  I know what rock bottom is; I’ve been there. I dwelled there for weeks. If not for faith I wouldn’t be here. Life is hard. No one said it was going to be easy but when we push through there is belief and strength. Without this turning into a preaching session know that the power of victory, love, and peace lies within us. We just have to be willing to fight for it.

Sharilyn asks: If you could work with ANY author, who would you want to work with and what kind of book would you write?

Since no specification was laid down I 100% say Edgar Allan Poe and a gothic romance. Can we summon him? Now that’s a brain I would have loved to delve into deeper. All right, I know you want someone living…Gillian Flynn—hands down. She releases a gritty, psychologically ripping book about every 3 years and the fact that her books evoke such an emotion, I love it.  

Vanessa asks: Would you ever consider writing a book for a different genre?

I would. In fact, I have outlined a romantic comedy.

Justine asks: Who's your favorite author?

Oh, always a tough one. I have many, hahaha. Poe, Gillian Flynn (as I mentioned above), Austen, Cummings, Anne Rice, Stephen King, VC Andrews (before she passed away), Hemmingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Alice Clayton (her comedic timing is spot on). I’m a bit old school what can I say.

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  1. That's fabulous, Andrea! I'm having the same thing that's tied with age (only a decade older. LOL) Love your pick of Poe to write with if you had a pick. That would be fabulous.