Shove The Negative Nancy's Over Their Cliff of BS

My thirteen-year old son wrote a stellar blog post today about his awesome experience with a prominent pastry chef and though Chef Chris won Top Chef Desserts and other various competitions, he didn’t treat Logan as if he was beneath him or different because his awkward quirks were present. His positive experience with Chef Chris Hanmer has forever impacted him. Logan made it a point to express that fame didn’t make Chris a jerk. He’s quite blunt, what can I say. Logan is his mother’s son.

We began to discuss why mean people suck. Why do people feel compelled to bring others down? As a writer I see this type of behavior weekly. Reviewers, authors, readers going at each other as if we are still in Roman times and we are fighting to the death. Who can thrust their negative and vicious blade in deeper. Who can shed the most blood? And who can be victorious in the gory literary arena.

Logan and I are writing a book together about what he has gone through in his life, defying death, being bullied, and having the forgiving soul of a saint. I have drank the Kool-Aid from both Indie and Traditional bowls and armed with the knowledge that I have I can “prepare” him. Not everyone will want to know his story. Not everyone will appreciate his journey. I have never glitter-fluffed life with Logan. He’s far too intelligent for that and would be insulted if I tried.

Putting the literary battle aside because though we bear those scars, the good in people does prevail. For my own sanity I must believe that. I think Dr. Anne Montgomery is rubbing off on me. Filterless and cynical, that’s me but Logan doesn’t buy it. He told me that it’s a shield to protect him and my husband from the evils of the world.

I would do anything to protect them. I absorb as much negativity as I can. Especially when it comes to Logan. Perhaps I’ve dragged my feet on our book because I know who lies in waiting to pounce.

I’ve bled for Deadly Deception and I have and will with Deadly Revelation. Can I watch my son do that?

He has touched so many lives and the positive has caulked the cracks of pessimism. In the end, it will be worth it. Logan's passion is spread education about the autism spectrum and that being weird is awesome. 

I will forever believe that those who build up outnumber those who tear others down. Before you write that nasty review or passive aggressive message remember the lasting influence you are having on people. The ripple effect will eventually hit you if you continuously berate people and truly what does that accomplish?

And you know, it takes manure to grow the best flowers.

Was that passive-aggressive?  

Couldn't resist;-)

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  1. LOVE this! You are an amazing person and mother... Logan is proof of that! I believe 100% in the fact that what goes around, comes around. Those "Negative Nancys" will get their own "just desserts" one day! Keep up with what you are doing!!