Someone is Very Naughty

I've read your demands and Deadly Revelation is releasing April 2014. 

Dr. Anne Montgomery witnessed the execution of someone she cared about, ordered by her husband. But Carter won't survive this time. Anne has snapped and red is all she sees. 

Before Carter took his last breath he whispered a confession. One that will bring Anne back to Minneapolis to face her true deceiver. 


  1. Omg. Andrea, I soooo can't wait until this book comes out. Your first book has me going insane to find out what happens next. I'm sure to know is Casey plays a BIG role ;-)

  2. Also, how can I be notified once the book is released or advance purchase?

  3. I love that!
    I am working on a monthly newsletter, that way people can stay updated on all the deadly news. April 8th is the release date for Deadly Revelation:-)