Don't Listen To The Self-Publishing Naysayers

I never imaged I would have a book listed under a publishing house. My title. My name. My story. When I made the decision to self-publish, Deadly Deception in 2012, I never sent the manuscript into any agents or publishing companies. People discouraged me from doing to so.

Will it be a truly published book?

You won't make any money self-publishing.

Real authors are traditionally published. 

I always listen to my gut. And I knew this was my path. I also have a rebellious personality and when people tell me No or You Can't Do That, I do the exact opposite. I will make it my mission to prove the naysayers wrong. I faced opposition when I started homeschooling my son. 6 years later, he's slated to graduate when he's 16 and he co-authored a short story with me. He possesses the same prove-you-wrong attitude. 

If I had listened those people, Montlake Romance would have never found me. I would have never been signed. I would have never made such amazing connections and friends. It upsets me when I read on social media traditionally published authors discouraging authors from self-publishing. 

Why not encourage? Why not be supportive? 

It's no secret that the publishing world is tough and cutthroat but isn't that with any profession? I've encountered the same thing in the homeschool arena. 

Every author has to choose the path which works best for them. 

I have toes in both traditional and self-published ponds and both have their pros and cons. My journey is my own and I don't regret a single moment of it. 

Surround yourself with people who will support you, not scrunch their face and give you all the reasons why you will fail. 

I took that leap of faith and it paid off. That doesn't mean it was rainbow's and unicorns, but, welcome to life. You have to push through the doubt and negativity. Whether you submit your manuscript to a publisher or download your file to KDP, there is always risk. There is always a chance of rejection. But know that you did it. You wrote your story. You vomited your soul up and handed it over (with shaky hands) to readers, bloggers, reviewers, editors, friends, family, creepy Uncle Ron who wrote his own book about his man on the moon conspiracy theory. 

Don't listen to the scolding words of others. Ignore their pointing fingers. Do what makes YOU happy. Your gut will never steer you wrong. 

With that being said, today marks Deadly Deception's 1 year anniversary with Montlake Romance. 

Dr. Anne is grateful. And does what her readers wanted in, Deadly Revelation. 

As I write the conclusion of the Deadly Series in Deadly Conviction, I'm ready to say farewell to these people who invaded my brain and my heart 4 1/2 years ago. I'm ready to start a new story.

A new journey. 

Deadly Conviction is a hot bloody organized crime/cartel/hacker mess. Just how I like my books. It is set to release February 2015.

Here is a sneak peak of Deadly Conviction's cover:

The Halloweenesque short story Logan and I wrote is available for FREE on Smashwords and on Wattpad. 

Hush, Mary is on Amazon. It's listed for .99, as I cannot make it free there. However, I'm working on it. If you scroll down you will see a tell us about a lower price. Click on there and report that it's free on Smashwords. Hopefully soon, Amazon will make it free. 

To our surprise, Hush, Mary hit the Short Story bestseller list. Logan was over the moon when he saw his story next to Edgar Allan Poe. I loved working on it with him. Nothing like combining our twisted minds to create a spooky short story. 

Thank you to those who love and support me and my crazy mind. I would not have the success that I do without my fabulous readers, friends, and family. 

Now, go write your story. 


Plaid and Poe and What Creeps in the Night

Nothing settles me into Autumn quite like a cozy cardigan and when I found this plaid beauty on Piper Street last month, I clicked away with credit card in hand. I adore their fabulous, unique fashions. With each purchase I never worry myself about quality or fit as I have in the past with other online purchases.

I am eager to curl up beneath a tree with orange and red, inhale the crisp scent of beaded dew on the grass, and open one of my vintage favorites, The Works of Edgar Allan Poe.

A brilliant but tortured writer, what I feel while reading his stories and poems tug at my heart and my sanity. 

My teenage son enjoys dark stories and our list for homeschool literature is not a typical school list. If that was my goal, I would enroll my kid tomorrow but it isn't. Some of the most exceptional writers in the world are not even mentioned in schools. 

During my high school life, the only required book I fell in love with was, The Great Gatsby. Well, and anything Shakesphere. 

When October crept in and Logan read, The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlott Perkins Gilman, he asked if he and I could write a creepy short story together. I didn't even hesitate to reply. We started immediately.

We will be releasing Hush, Mary on Amazon October 9th for free. 

It was the perfect Autumn homeschool project. 
He has a twisted mind like me.

I am a proud mom and teacher, he worked very hard on it. 

Let me leave you with this snippet of Hush, Mary.

She does not sleep, but paces the halls beneath her veil of black and lace. For at night, monsters creep. The floorboards creak with phantom steps, and through the keyhole to William’s library, there is a light. Brilliant at first, but dims the closer she becomes. The hairs rise along the nape of her neck when she takes notice she hears the hum, a vibration, which stirs the chilled air next to her ear.

Botox and a Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, a little girl with long, pale blonde curls, rode her bike along the cracked sidewalks of a quaint Iowa neighborhood. 

With skinned knees, she pedaled like the wind as stories funneled her brain. 

She played with Barbies and climbed Oak trees.
She beat the boys at tether ball while wearing her favorite pink shorts and glitter headbands. 

She believed in love even when she doubted the fairy tales. The little girl never trusted the princesses, but loved the evil queens. To her, their flawed characters revealed more about life and relationships. She was imperfect and fairy tales were...bupkis

I was the little girl who rooted for the Red Queen or Maleficent. 

Fairy Tales don't have to be perfect like dental implants and Botox. 

I wrote inside the cover of my World's Best Fairy Tales, A Readers Digest Anthology by Belle Becker Sideman and Fritz Kredel. The year was 1988, I was 7. 
I marked sections with squigeled pencil, creased chapters, I could not help my smile. 
Beautiful memories. 

I scrolled through one of my favorite clothing websites, Shabby Apple. I'm readying my fall wardrobe with a few new pieces. My heart sang when I saw the Bloom Skirt. Blue satin and tulle, modest and romantic. Reminded me of a fairy tale, a quirky, fabulous, imperfect fairy tale. 

Paired with a black camisole and cardigan, the "tutu" inspired skirt makes me want to twirl in the grass, sit beneath the trees, and read stories of Snow White and Rose Red. I will slip into a daydream about my own prince. 

He makes me feel beautiful, whether in a shirt of tulle or flannel pajama bottoms.  

Most days, I wear leggings and sweatshirts, but when I stepped into this skirt, my son suggested, "Wear this to the grocery store, along with your tiara."

Perfect idea.

Logan was the photog behind the pictures above, he counts it as school. And, he suggested I have fake blood on my hands, but sadly I was out. In the words of my son, "You write deadly mob people." 

Maybe next time.

Did you have a favorite fairy tale? Are you a skirt chick? What are your fall fashion favorites? 

Hello September Giveaway

Let's welcome the impending fall season with a fabulous giveaway. I've been working on the 3rd book in the Deadly Series, Deadly Conviction, and this giveaway with shed a bit of light on who Claire Monroe is with the angel wing necklace. The giveaway starts at midnight and ends September 13th. 

My fellow author, Stephanie Pitcher Fishman, has included her book, Finding Eliza to the giveaway. 

Finding Eliza
When Lizzie Clydell agreed to join her grandmother at the church’s genealogy group meeting she expected nothing more than lemon squares and a few stories. Instead, an old diary leads Lizzie down a dusty road of lies, hidden family secrets, and a lynching that nearly destroyed her family. 

Still strug­gling with the loss of her parents two decades ear­lier, Lizzie must con­front a painful past that others hoped was forgotten. Her journey becomes even more difficult as she realizes those around her may not be as they seem. 

Can Lizzie make peace with the past or will it destroy the relationships she holds most dear? 

Joining her is a group of lifelong friends known to Lizzie as The Gals. Headed up by her own grandmother, the group of women guide her through the past with humor, encouragement, and tough love as she learns about grace and forgiveness. 

Set in small town Georgia, Finding Eliza is a contemporary story with flashes of his­tor­i­cal fic­tion as Lizzie digs into the 1930s of segregation, illegal interracial relationships, and the fear of the KKK. 

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