To maintain its leadership in the soft drinks market Coca Cola FEMSA invests significant time and resources in training their employees. This ranges from executive level to dealers and distributors who are the basis of the production chain of the company to be responsible for the orders, the proper disposition of the goods and to represent a personal level the image of the company before the customers. As part of the development of training programs human resources management of the company raises the goal of achieving that in addition to formal courses that all employees receive generate a culture of self training, for which they face the need to create attractive enough spaces where staff can relax and view courses, textbooks, audio books, educational programs and other resources during their free time. With this goal in mind Grissel team led by Brenda González Aguilar, Manager of Training and Ramon Gorbea Chávez, Project Leader, request design proposals from several vendors and after a long and arduous process of evaluating the proposed ROW chosen because Studi originality and quality.
The first room called Area C (C for Coca Cola, Training, Quality, Commitment and Creativity) is located in Mixcoac Distribution Center in the south west of Mexico City. The program includes three individual rooms that can bind to common or separate activities for different uses, a media library, space for snacks, a souvenir shop, facilities for computer equipment and areas of storage. There was also a requirement of the project include any picture of the different brands of Coca Cola FEMSA and to strengthen the campaign of company values in space......more of this interior here